I’ve finally started my tourist season, I went to Milwaukee this weekend. Actually, this trip should happened in April, and later – in May, however, my friend with whom I should travel there changed his mind twice, which is unacceptable. After that, I thought and planned trip to Indianapolis, bought tickets even, but got sick, thanks to the office managers. Eventually I decided to go to Milwaukee alone.

I’ve used Greyhound buses from Chicago to Milwaukee, the ride takes about two hours, and luckily buses wasn’t too crowded when I’ve traveled back and forth. On the way there bus driver made few announcements, while on the way back another driver didn’t do:

1. The driver let us know, that everything that could happen on the bus is a subject to federal law.

2. He asked everyone to sit still, and do not go visit him or ask him anything during the ride, also he asked to call him by name, and do not call him “bus driver” under any circumstances.

3. Also he asked to switch phones to silent mode, and do not listen to loud music or talk loudly.

I’d like to emphasize, that security of the bus rides looks very similar to European ones – there is no security at all, they just checked ticket and ID. On the way back they even didn’t checked my ID.

The bus drove on highways during the trip, there is view onto some of the suburbs, shops, parkings, etc on other sides of the highways. The only things that popped-up time to time – balloons with suburbs names.

Milwaukee has a lot of seagulls, which are clearly visible in the sky, and they do a lot of the noise near river and lake. For some reason, there is almost no seagulls in Chicago, however it is the same lake near the cities. While I am writing about lake, in Milwaukee you can see large cargo ships on lake’s water, while there are no such ships near Chicago.

I walked around the city almost all day, while it was warm and sunny, even got some sunburns on my face and arms, the good thing that I had shirt with long sleeves. Once the day came to the end, and sun hidden beyond clouds, the weather become cold, windy and uncomfortable to be outside without proper cloth.

What was surprising? After visiting a lot of European cities and living in Chicago for some time, I was surprised, that there almost no people walking down the streets, or even using cars, in middle of Saturday. The only crowded place in the city is downtown. If you’ll have 15 to 20 minutes walk in any direction, you’ll probably end up being the only one the street. The impression is similar to visiting 100 thousands people city, and not bigger one as Milwaukee is.

Because there not so much people on the streets, it is hard to ask someone to make photo of you where you want to have a photo. I was near Wisconsin Center, where I’d like to get picture of me, and there was only one girl of unknown look, when I asked to make picture of me, she said – no. Second try was more successful – I was at Museum of Art, where I caught a girl on her run through the park. This experience is strange, very strange.

One more topic about seagulls – a lot of fish and fish parts are laying down on the ground near the lake. I guess, birds are fighting over the fish, and fish falls onto the ground and lake water.

Also I’d like to mention reverse bus stations, and tell that I heard a lot of German language from people of Milwaukee. Recently I saw a map of most used languages in US, except English and Spanish, here in Illinois it was Polish, and in Wisconsin – German, however I did not saw a lot of German titles or notifications anywhere.

There are many banks in Milwaukee, large buildings of US Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo, Associated Bank, which is very strange to see in smaller city. Also, there are many branches of smaller banks, that I’ve never seen in Chicago.

To conclude vision experience from the trip, I’d like to say that Milwaukee is typical American city with a lot of parking space everywhere in the city, however many of the buildings in the city has European-like exterior. Another interesting distinction from Chicago is that Milwaukee located on hills, and this fact decreases strength of the winds in the city, in comparison to Chicago.

Final words of this post – I can say, that Milwaukee – very appealing and cozy town, spending weekend there time to time could be very nice experience, relaxing from large city. However if you aren’t grow up there, the living there probably very boring, very.


I’m planning to have another trip in two weeks.

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