I’ve been waiting for the trip to Indianapolis quite some time, after first attempt miserably failed due to my health conditions at that time. But now, it’s time to go. Early in the morning at 2 AM my alarm went off, telling me, that it’s time to wake up and prepare myself to go to bus station, where, at 4 AM bus goes to Indianapolis. It’s take somewhere between 30 minutes and one hour to go from my place to bus stations, depending on traffic on the streets.

Obviously, there isn’t much traffic or people on the streets at 3 AM, and you can safely ignore red flashes of the stop signals. During my walk, I’ve seen about ten or so active people on the streets, and few passive ones – homeless, that I didn’t noticed and didn’t count at all, no need for that, but not many of them are easily spotted in the darkness of the night. Generally it was very quiet and safe.

I’ve got into the bus at about 4 AM, and there already were a lot of people, it was unexpected, in this early hour? It’s time to start the journey… There was no long announcements from bus driver, and people on the bus aren’t in some active mode, some even sleep, and I joined their example.

In the morning, we’ve reached city of Lafayette, which is located somewhere between Chicago and Indianapolis, later on that morning, while approaching bus station in Indianapolis we’ve stayed for some time in the jam, that was caused by organized road crossing by the students from local university. I’ll write about that university later on, however I want to mention it’s funny abbreviation – UIPUI.

I don’t know what they were doing at that early hour, but it was massive event, with all the students in purple uniform. The thing is, that Indiana has different time zone, which is strange for me. I’ve used to the Europe, where almost every country uses the same time zone, and it’s very convenient. Here – few steps to the left or right – and stuff happens. During my trip I always double checked the watch, to be sure that I’ve got right local time, annoying.

Once arrived, I went to explore the city, generally view is nice, sometimes – strange, especially green hydrants. Indianapolis is built following regular American schema of city planning, and the city itself looks as something American with partially European architecture, especially it is obvious if you look at memorials and government buildings. There are a lot of parking space near city center, which are almost empty on Saturday morning, there is not much of people as well…

Arriving to the parks and World War Memorial I've noticed some squirrels, which are different from their Chicago relatives – they aren't afraid of people, they even came to you, unless you’re jogging, or running, or even cycling. Unfortunately, I had no squirrel food with me, so there was nothing I could gave to the animals, that’s something for next time I visit Indianapolis – take the food with me. Also I’ve seen some other animals – something quick and small, and I don’t know what it is, but it does afraid of people.

There are not many people in the city, but little bit more than in Milwaukee, it is worth mentioning, that it was very warm, more than 30 degrees, and people was laying down on the benches in the parks and other places, some of those people looked like homeless ones and some - not.

I hadn’t a chance to walk near the river in the city – it is too far away from the places where I was, however I’ve walked near the canal, that was built by the city. This canal is nice, and it’s surroundings are very pleasant to the eye, the canal itself isn’t deep though. Some fish even live in the canal, probably watching over the joggers. One more similarity to the people of Milwaukee – they tend to greet strangers on the street, and I’m talking from my own experience. You definitely won’t see such attitude in Chicago.

Continuing with overview of city infrastructure… Indianapolis has service of public bicycles – yellow ones, and a lot of people use them, and their own bicycles in general. Also I saw some reverse bus stops, similar to those in Milwaukee, and they are continuing to surprise me. There are buttons to turn semaphore signal to “Walk”, and in some places those buttons have not only large signs with instructions how to cross street, they also talk to you, that signal is accepted, or that you can walk now.

City center in Indianapolis is quite interesting, isn’t big though. Some features are interesting, for example, the police blocked the center from the cars, and made the center walking zone, which is nice and European-like. May be it’s only due to some performance event in the center, who knows, but it’s very nice, it brings some memories from Europe.

Let me talk a little bit about university – IUPIU, which occupies a lot of space, and has a lot of space between the buildings. I’m imagining how nice it is to walk between the buildings during blizzards in the Winter. That free space looks good in Summer – a lot of flowers, some sculptures, fountains, very nice. The abbreviation of the university is so strange, and hard to pronounce thoug.

The last thing about the city – historical museum, or how it’s called, which located close enough to center, very close to the university, and is located on the shore of that human-built canal. Interesting place with statues of mammoths or mastodons, I’m event not sure what the difference between them. I expected them to be bigger though, and they are about 2.5 meters tall…

Indianapolis leaves mixed impression, it seems, that it isn’t a city, but rather, an overgrown suburb. It looks like something is missing from the place to be a city, and Milwaukee, even being smaller, but has that something.


On my way back, I’ve seen some industrial America, with factories, smoking tubes and so one. My eye caught one of the names on those factories - LaSalle Steel Company. On my way from Chicago to Milwaukee few weeks ago, there was no industry entities – just suburbs.

I’d like to finish this story with a small description of what has happened on arrival to Chicago. One man was asking me to help him with money to buy ticket for him to his home in Wisconsin. That man hadn’t a look of someone that you should help, rather opposite, so I didn’t help him. And the reason for that is that I’ve already helped to one more trustworthy this year, and I do think, that that is enough, until next year :)

I want to go to Detroit next time, hopefully soon enough.

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