I wanted to go somewhere while it was still warm and nice outside during early September, so I was looking for the options. Original idea was to go to Omaha, however bus schedule there couldn’t satisfy me, so I decided to go through my list of cities to visit and I have picked Louisville.

I have bought tickets on Megabus for September 6, departing at midnight, going from Chicago to Indianapolis and to Louisville afterwards. Departure went fine, except that the bus had broken air cooling, so it stuck at +22C, which might seems to be okay, however it isn’t if you are sitting without any action for ling period of time. When I have finally arrived to Louisville I was happy to feel warm air everywhere near me and I was tired because I could not sleep in those conditions.

We went through Indianapolis in the night, the scene was very good, especially downtown view from the highway, a lot of lights. While going through the city, the picture wasn’t so great. Generally speaking, some time ago I have noticed that America looks much nicer from the window of a vehicle, than in reality.

While walking down the streets in the city I have noticed that there are different plants and trees on the streets which I am not familiar with, some warm-loving stuff, it looks nice though. Besides plants there are a lot of squirrels, a lot of them in all parts of the city, and they are also running near the city hall. The city hall is kind of small building, much smaller than city building in Chicago, and interesting thing about it is that near it there is statue of French king Louis XVI. It is possible that city was named after him, but why?

One of the interesting things in Louisville is Louisville Slugger baseball museum which has a lot of baseball stuff being sold there, the thing about it is huge baseball bat which rises up to fifth or sixth floor. Very large and very metal baseball bat. Actually I was thinking about buying baseball but the museum was closed on early hour of Saturday, no luck.

People here left no impression on me, they aren’t very positive or dangerous, or something else. People as people, having some fun at some event on riverside. Similar impression I have got in St. Louis, it is close enough, so no surprise. Surprising was that I haven’t found people with “South” accent which I would love to hear, but no, there is no such thing in Louisville.

Let’s talk about the city, Louisville is different in different places, somewhere nice, some places are other, where you want to avoid if you are traveling there. Generally speaking the city is southern with proper south plants everywhere, there are a lot of horse statues, either only horses or with horseman on the back. I think it is because of Kentucky derby which is held here. The city is located on the Ohio river, which is pretty dirty near the city with some ducks swimming there. Besides ducks there are few steamboats there and they are big, very big, like 3 or 4 stories building high. They are actually looks like those in movies about cowboys.

The city itself pretty mixed, there are new and old building located near each other, open and closed businesses, some of them are closed long ago. The same is on the riverside, I went to the KFC Yum! Center, thinking that it is special place from KFC, where I could grab something to eat, but no, it is fancy name for some sports stadium, and closed at that Saturday. Some high-rise buildings in the city has large portraits of famous people drawn on them, hmm.. some of those portraits are clearly visible from one or even two blocks away.

Proving my conclusion, that in America money lie on the ground everywhere, I have found 4 cents near one park-meter and then one and another one near other park-meters in some distant neighborhoods in the city. Kind of surprise, really, you wouldn’t expect to find money in that city. Lovely building were there, kind of very closed communities with fences outside, something similar you can see in TV show “Dexter”. In some parts of the city pedestrian crossings of the road are made as continuous crossings where you can do double or triple crossings without walking into pedestrian zone. So cool!

Few words about the cars, surprisingly enough there is no need in front plates in Kentucky, here is the land of rare plates only, the same as in Michigan. Moreover here on some cars people using space for front place to put some funny or interesting custom plates, and that is okay. I will continue with car topic by telling about Cadillac dealership that I have found there, it was strange, because there was only one person in the office, playing on computer, with no customers or anything, and a lot of cars outside, waiting for their new owners. Business is going well there, I guess.

When I was tired of walking I ended up sitting near city hall on a bench under the trees, looking after squirrels and listening to fountains, that’s nice, very nice. I was reading PMBoK which I took with me in the trip while waiting for my bus there.

Strange enough, weather forecast was talking about 80% chance of rain, but it never happened. Another strange thing about the city is that they already have about five bridges across the river, but that is not enough so they are building one more. More bridges! Summing up all this post, I can say that Louisville have no distinct face or attributes that anyone would like to revisit.

Few more words, I ended up to calling Megabus for refund, and riding back to Chicago via Greyhound about five hours later than scheduled. Things happens…


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