It’s time to write. About a month has passed after my trip to Minneapolis, and I’ve decided to write about it, while I have a time to write this text. Thing is, that if I won’t write it today, or tomorrow, I don’t know when I’ll write it, so much plans and changes for the following month.

So let’s get started. About a month ago, just after the trip to Louisville I’ve decided to go to Minneapolis, while it still should be warm and nice. In Louisville at that time temperature was warmer than +20 degrees Celsius, and my assumption was, that it should decline reasonably during the month. Surprisingly the temperature declined sharply to +11 on the day I went to Minneapolis, so I was forced to use glows and a scarf, if I remember everything correctly.

There is one thing about this year that differs from last one, in 2013 I’ve started traveling much, much earlier and finished much later, so I’ve visited a lot of places. Currently I’ve traveled about twice less during this year, so after the trip to Louisville, I’ve decided to go to the North, see Minneapolis, and finish planned trips in Midwest this year. I think that I couldn’t make more trips this year, but I already have plans for next year, there are still a lot of places where I can go to. So the trip started with purchasing tickets with 15% discount at Greyhound, meaning that I’ve got tickets to Minneapolis and back to Chicago for 47 dollars, sweet.

It was raining outside, cold small or even medium strength rain which was getting more and more strength while I was walking to the CTA to get to my bus which should depart at 9.45 PM. I decided not to take an umbrella with me because it wouldn’t make a lot of sense in Minneapolis due to sunny forecast there. The trip has started at 9.45 PM as scheduled and bus went to Milwaukee, then to Saint Pail and finally to Minneapolis. Luckily a lot of people left the bus at Milwaukee, so I took better seat and occupied it till the arrival to Minneapolis.

The weather wasn’t welcoming in the early morning, and I’ve used all available clothes to me, to wait until the Sun will warm up everything. The forecast promised +16 degrees at noon, but in the morning it was cold and foggy. The Greyhound station there is very nice, similar to the one I’ve seen in Cleveland, however it has a distinction in a way that here the station has two sections, and to go from one to another one, where the gates and restrooms are, you need to go through security officers and show the ticket. Interesting, is there so much homeless and other strange people in Minneapolis?

I walked in the neighborhood of some university or college in the morning, and somehow stopped to make few photos on a bus stop which had no people and I missed the sign, so bus arrived while I was making photos, and opened doors, waited if I decided to get in or no. Well, not that time. The reason why I was making photos at the stop is that near to it there are newspapers boxes which are perfect as a stand for making time-delayed photos. Later on, during next hour or so, I was walking down the street, marking my movements on map, and taxi arrived to me and waited if I want to get in. I waived to the driver that I have no interest in the service. It is really the first time of such strange things happen.

Few more things about public transport, they have regular bus stops as well as reverse ones, pretty much as everywhere else in the cities that I’ve visited in the US, for some strange reasons I haven’t seen reversed ones in Chicago. Minneapolis also has trams, it is the second city with the trams, first one where I saw them was Cleveland. Interesting thing about trams is that you can use them to go directly from downtown Minneapolis to downtown Saint Paul. The centers of those cities are located in about 30 minutes of drive on highway.

Actually I was surprised by the city, it was a positive surprise because I haven’t expected to see lovely city, the northern frontier. Especially it is definitely has a contrast in comparison to Louisville, it’s completely different, better. Architecture of the city also has distinctive look due to lots of over the streets corridors between buildings. I think it is due to cold weather in the winter, nobody want to go outside. Minneapolis in any case is pretty far at the north. Another thing about architecture is a lot of mirrors on the corners for the cars, lots of them.

The river which is going through the city is interesting in a way that it has controlled dam, so small ships can use gates to go back and forth through it, also there was a watermill long time ago, now there are protected ruins on that spot. Near all this stuff there is pedestrian and bikes bridge, that is going diagonally to the river flow, strange stuff going on here. By the way, there are many jogglers…

The city has a lot of skyscrapers, few for banks, one for Oracle, and lots of others. There is feeling that city is alive, this is good thing, very good. Generally speaking the city is very nice, I liked it. This trip is the autumn surprise and positive conclusion of this year trips. The photo of the city below.


This is probably it about travel this year.

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