Worked on different positions in following companies:


Morningstar - working on Research Publishing System at Morningstar's headquarters in Chicago, US.


Inavante - worked as .Net Consultant for company's clients in Chicago, US.

Worked on two projects for clients in healthcare industry. One - development of software for managing medical devices for touch screens. Another - development of web site for Medicare program for Louisiana state.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse - worked in CVA for CVA trading desk as a member of distributed team in London, UK and Wroclaw, Poland.

Main responsibilities included - development and support of software for CVA trading desk, development and support internal tools and services, development and optimization of processes of deploying software updates.


GlobalLogic - worked as a member of one of many teams on developing of big Web-application, that handles management of vehicles for an US-based company. I was involved in design, development and maintenance of different parts of the project: Asp.Net MVC site with heavy usage of JavaScript и Ajax, Windows-based services for data processing, databases: OLTP, warehouse and OLAP.

Eleks Software

Eleks Software - was involved in development and maintenance of healthcare system Doctor Eleks, which is one of the best products that is available on this market in Ukraine and Poland.


Aricent - worked as an out-staff member of integration team for Israeli company Nice Systems. Also was involved in development of application for automatic install and configuration of installation packages of company’s products.

Umax SoftWorks

Umax Softworks - worked as freelancer involved in design and development of shareware software and software for SEO, and owners of web-sites. During this time created about 5 relatively big projects and about 15 small ones.

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